In order to develop Norwegian basketball players in the best possible way, it is important to have educated trainers. Therefore it is important to provide a good education for coaches and give you the opportunity to evolve and have something to work for.   

Under "Coach Trail" you can read briefly about the process to become a coach and get a small introduction to the courses offered. Below you can immerse yourselves in the courses and obtain information on registration.


 Kurs organisasjon

Level Easy Basket and level 1 courses are organized by the local region. 
Contact your regional representitive for information on upcoming trenerkurs.

Level 2 and Level 3 are national courses and organized directly by the federation. 
Contact person is Coaching and referee coordinator Torkild Rødsand.​

Contact details are listed on this page below

 Kurs informasjon

​​​Click on the links below in information about our courses:


Region Midt Kontaktperson for trenerkurs i Region Midt :
Daglig leder: Viola Györgyi

Region Vest Kontaktperson for trenerkurs i Region Vest: 
Klubb- og trenerkoordinator: André Wallace
Styremedlemd med fokus på trenerutvikling: Kim Strandlod

Region Sør Kontaktperson for trenerkurs i Region Sør: 
Styremedlem med ansvar for trenere: 
Kevin Juhl-Thomsen
Igor Ruzic                   

Region Øst Kontaktperson for trenerkurs i Region Øst:
Kommunikasjons- og utviklingsansvarlig: 
Erika Lundin  

Kommunikasjon- og utviklingsansvarlig (Øst)Erika Lundin94474848
Styremedlem ansv. Trenere (Nord)Musa Anderssen
Styremedlem ansv. trenere (Sør)Nick Savaris
Trener- og dommerkoordinator (NBBF)Torkild Rødsand922 11 514
Daglig Leder (Midt)Viola Gyorgyi

 ‭(Skjult)‬ Sørknad

To apply for a course, 
click the link below:








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